Friday, April 15, 2011

City Of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Lina and Doon live in a city where everything is dark and the only light comes from electric light bulbs. The city was built hundreds of years earlier, and Now supplies is running out. The people who have been supplying their city for years have now stop ed. The Generator which keep the lights going in the city is breaking down causing blackouts. if there is no light, the city will die. Lina and Doon must find a way out of the city. Lina is a messenger and Doon a Pipe works labor at a young age they are assigned their profession for life. Now that the City is breaking down and everyone could die, Lina and Doon are the only ones who can save the city. This was an amazing novel. It is apart of a 4 part series. Each about 300 pages. These novels while short and an easy reading level still have an amazing story line and plot. After reading the first book it leaves you wanting the second. and after the second the third. HOWEVER the third was bad. but the fourth. WHOA. (book reviews on all of theses books soon to come.) The plot was genius. It was well developed and the way the mystery was solved was very smart. It was a captivating book. Smart, Witty and really very good. I would recommend this book series who likes to read post-Apocalyptic books. Happy reading Emilie

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going Bovine by Libba Bray

Cameron is sixteen years old. He is struggling threw high school in one piece. His only friends being the stoners who hang out in the guys bathroom at school. Other then them he is alone. His perfect sister is popular and always making fun of him. And now to make matters worst; Cameron's is going to die. He has found out the end is near. Suddenly everyone love Cameron. People at school and even his sisters popular friends. Cameron's only hope of living is through Dulcie a punk angle who wears fishnets. He could be loosing it, but Dulcie says the only way for him to live is to follow the signs and take Gonzo; a dwarf who is a video game lover and obsessed with death a diseased. On their travels they met Balder who is a garden gnome who is also a Viking God. and yet another possible hallucinations. will Cameron find the cure? Going Bovine is a really good book, its messed up and twisted, really strange in a lot of ways. One big way being the characters. A Garden Gnome who just happens to be a viking god. very Unique. this book was one of the more humorous books i have read, keeping in mind, i generally read fiction novels. I found a fair bit of this book funny. To be honest the ending confused me. i had to re read it to understand what was going on. This Novel is thought-provoking in a way that is different than our world even tends to think. Libba Bray dares to think outside the box. This epic adventure was very entertaining. Very well written. Funny. and Best of all thought-provoking. if a book doesn't leave you with questions unanswered it wasn't a good book. a good Arther makes the reader really consider the text and makes them wonder why things are happening, Libba Bray does all of this. I would recommend this book in an instant. Emilie

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harry Potter By J.K.Rowling

Hello All;

For this review i will be doing a brief summery of the entire series. I feel as though doing each book individually would become a bit redundant. I feel like in even reviewing this book its being cheap. Because its Harry Potter, its old news almost. I mean who hasn't herd of Harry Potter? watched the movies or read at least on of the books. First you must know; Harry Potter was my entire childhood. I got my first Harry Potter book in grade two, it was the second one. and then I read the first and then the third and then we were in order. I loved this series with everything in me. So I feel like I would be cheating if i didn't review it.

so with out further adue;

Harry Potter;

The story of a young orphan named Harry who parents are murdered, and is sent to live with his dreadful Aunt and Uncle and cousin Dudley.

Harry is not an ordinary boy when his aunt cuts his hair as ugly as she can to humiliate Harry at school he wakes up the next morning with his hair back the way it was. He can talk to snakes, When Harry turns eleven he discovers the biggest secret he has ever imagined , he is a wizard! his life will never be the same again. He is now enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Learns through out the coarse of his 6 years a Hogwarts that there is a evil wizard out to get him and only him. This is the ultimate story between light and dark right and wrong.

This is the Ultimate page turner. Once you start you may never want to stop. I know i didn't. this series has been a phenomenon for over a decade. Adults, Children, Teens , people of all ages, throwing themselves neh catapulting themselves in to J.K. Rowling's Wondrous world of Harry Potter!

Harry, Ron and Hermione have been my best friend, since grade two, and i every time i pick up a Harry Potter book its like a joyous reunion between life long friends.

these books are wonderfully written in such a way that if you read a few pages, anywhere in the any of the novels you will want to keep reading.

I would HIGHLY recommend reading this book, especially over the movie's the movies are not in the same league at all not even remotely.

I hope you'll read it :)


Night Elie Wiesel

Hello All;

When Elie was 15 he was sent to a concentration camp.

Being forced to grow up fast in the world of SS Nazi soldiers Elie reflects on his life in the concentration camps. His thoughts and feelings, and things that stood out to him years later.

This is a very powerful novel, Elie's words are strange and carefully thought through delicately put.

This for me was a short read, I read it in a few hours.

I have read many Holocaust texts this being the least tragic. Not to diminish what he endured in anyway shape or form, just when I was reading it I felt although he was a very Lucky man, based on other text that I have read.

This book was beautiful written. I found however that in this version ^ there is a preface written by Elie and I felt like it was much better written then the remainder of the book. I was then disappointed with the rest of the book. It was a beautifully written book, however the Preface blew me away and I had then anticipated the same caliber of writing throughout the rest of the book.

this book was beautiful. I would recommend it.

There are a number of profound statements in this book one of them being my favorite quote now. "Books no longer have the power the once did. those who kept silent yesterday will remain silent tomorrow."-Elie Wiesel.


Book List:

Hello All; :) I thought I would just post a list of books to watch out for in the future, I know I'm going to be reading certain ones soon and i already have a slew read that i want to do reviews on. The ones I will be reading soon are going to be reviewed once I have them read. I plan on updating my list's once a month, because I have no dought that I will be going threw some pretty quick but I have a long list so, it may take a while. In not particular order ; Books i have finished reading and are ready for reviewing;

  • Sweep Volume 1

  • Sweep Volume 2

  • Sweep Volume 3

  • Going Bovine

  • Night

  • City of Ashes

  • City of Glass

  • City of Fallen Angles

  • Blue is for nightmares series(x4)

  • city of Ember series (x4)

  • The Giver

  • Harry Potter (x7)

Books i have not read yet but have plans to read then review;

  • Sweep Volume 4

  • Beautiful Darkness

  • Clockwork angel

  • Speak

  • Cether in the Rye

  • Wondrous Strange

  • The Hunger Games

  • Life of Pi

  • Where the Red Fern Grows

  • A Wrinkle in Time

  • Whicked

  • Withering Heights

  • Gathering Blue

If you are so inclined you can watch and wait for these reviews. This list is going to grow, and grow as i am continuously ordering books and having books recommended to me. So we will have to weight and see every now and again i am going to post little things here and there like this, talking about which book I'm reading and so on and so forth.

Well Enjoy


Emilie (:

Beautuful Creatures

Ethan lives in a house with his house keeper Almma and his Father who is a writer who only writes a night. Everything in his little southern town stays the same. Nothing ever changes. When Lena moves in with her crazy uncle who never leaves his house, the people of Gaitlin are not happy. Lena is different and the mothers of Gaitlin hate it. She wears what she wants and reads what she wants, and most importantly she lives with Mr. Ravenwood. Ethan likes her. Everyone makes fun of Lena and a window breaks, How? no one can explain it. So they blame Lena. Lena is a Caster, someone who can cast spells and make things happen. Unfortunately in the casters world you can only be Light or Dark there is no middle ground and in Lena's family you don't get a choice what way you turn. This was a really good book, and a lovely romance. This is another book that has been unlike any other book i have ever read. This is a series, i have yet to read the second book "beautiful darkness"but have every intention of doing so. This book is very much so a build up book, like most books are when they are the first book in a series. You can tell it is going to build up to something bigger then what will happen in the end of the book and continue into something much bigger into the second and sometimes even third books. which has me craving to find out what is going to happen. a beautiful book, really quite lovely, i would recommend it. Happy reading Emilie

The Mortal Instraments; City of Bone by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones is the first book in a series which will have eight books at some point. Now published there is City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass and City of Fallen Angles. When Clary See's a what she thinks is a murder her life changes forever. Jace Isabelle and Alec are shadowhunters. There job is to rid the human world of demons. Shadowhunteres are a mix of human and angel creation, Divine creatures that are here to protect themselves and the earth from demons. Clary's Mother is Kidnapped by a shadowhunter gone bad named Valentine. Clary, Jace, Alec and Isabelle team up to help her find her mother. This series is one of the more epic romances i have ever read. It is a wonderful story, full of twists and turns, surprise's and mystery. I loved this book, i have all of the books written by this author revolving around this story , including the prequel "Infernal Devices" This is one of the few books in which i found my self talking to the book telling it what i wanted to happen. i felt like the person in the back of the theater yelling "NO! DON'T GO IN THE CLOSET!" While yes somethings were predictable, a lot of this novel was a mystery to me. It is very different then any book i've read before. i believe on of the covers says "give this to any fan of the series twilight"(paraphrased) this is true to some extent. The book does involve vampires werewolf's and plenty of other mythical creatures, but i would not compare it to twilight. Although i did enjoy that series (Although not to the extent of some crazy people) so it maybe they were right. This book was very hard to put down. I literally fished the first one and picked up the second one and continued to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy, or romance or vampires, werewolf's,and fairies its a lovely book and is an extremely enjoyable read. Enjoy Emilie